Day: December 4, 2020

6.8 million Americans will get an average refund of $80 from their health insurers

Thank Obamacare for your refund.

More than 6.8 million Americans will get a refund from their health insurer this summer.

Total value of the rebates will be $332 million, with an average of $80 going to each family. They’ll be issued by August 1.

Thank the Affordable Care Act for the windfall. Under one of the law’s provisions, insurers must issue refunds if they spend more than 20% of what customers pay in premiums on administration and marketing expenses, instead of medical care.

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Insurers were first required to issue these refunds in 2012, shelling out a

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Why some employers play workers to leave

Unless the company pays you to leave.

Some companies are making it easier to part ways, paying unhappy workers to bow out gracefully.

At online retailer Zappos, new hires are offered a month’s salary to leave within three months of starting their position. Amazon offers some workers up to $5,000 once a year to leave.

Why would a company pay somebody to quit? Because it can be in the employer’s best interest, too.

“We want you here because you believe in the vision and the goals of the company and can make a difference,” said Megan Petrini, the director of

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Home Business Entrepreneurs

Banks are essential entities within the financial market and provides funding funds. Any time an organization extends credit, invests, expands, spends on capital or will increase its costs, they’re taking a danger with their cash circulate. There are cases that may be lined by insurance and there are those that can’t. Some companies take out insurance on credit score they lengthen shoppers, others require insurance to guard towards increasing operations abroad in dodgy territories. Keep your concepts simple. When you attempt to expand your small business too rapidly, you’ll set your self up for failure. The only ideas make for … Read More